…I’ve returned to my old layout. The new ones may look nice and everything but they’re a pain to customise and I don’t know head or tail when it comes to PHP – and I know more than the average mom (ahem).

In other news, I’ve given Pay Per Post the boot. Nice as they may’ve been to put my blog on their front page for a day, I just think the whole thing’s not worth the trouble. And there are a couple of things that tick me off.

Firstly, advertisers take forever to approve your posts. Posts which have been published, mind you. So, in essence, they’re getting the mileage they need, but reserve the right to reject your entry and keep their miserable five bucks.

You see, I’ve done six sponsored posts in a week and only ONE has been approved (and that’s the one from PPP itself). On its site, PPP states this:

Our goal is to review posts within 48-72 hours. During high traffic times, the review process may take longer, and we apologize for the delays. We are putting measures into place to cut down on review time.

I have three posts (had four – one was rejected, more on this later) that are SEVEN freakin’ days old. Will I be compensated for the page views and mileage these posts have been getting? I imagine not, since they have not been fackin ‘approved’.

The problem with this whole system is that there is NO way for your client to vet the post BEFORE YOU RUN IT. And in my case – and I’m thinking this didn’t just happen to me – they come back and tell you, oh dear, that it’s not what we want, sorry. You either rewrite the damn thing and resubmit, or forget about the miserable five bucks and move on.

I say keep your fackin’ money.

And so to this whole rejection business. After SIX days (that’s 144 hours, my mathematically challenged readers), my post about those darn coupons (which I will not link since I’ve deleted it) was rejected by an advertiser who didn’t like my ‘secondary links’ to THEIR business partners.  

Note that these are NOT links to their competitors but people WHO MAKE THEIR BUSINESS POSSIBLE.

What’s even more annoying is that it was NOT stated as part of the whole dealy (even if it’s worth five bucks) that my ‘secondary’ links must ALL point to their site.

Secondly, I am NOT digging up some post that’s six days old and perhaps 20 entries deep to rewrite it for FIVE FACKIN’ DOLLARS!.

Call me lazy, call me fussy, hell, call me stupid. I’m done humoring these idiots.

So PPP – the $10 you owe me? Consider THAT payment for the hits you guys gave me for being blog of the day.

ps. My apologies as I’ve deleted the comments some of you have so nicely made on those six PPP posts. I appreciate the fact that you guys are still trudging on as honestly as you can with the program and in fact, I respect you all the more now to be able to take this kind of crap, ‘coz I can’t. I’m still on SponsoredReviews.com tho, a system I prefer because you bid for the opportunities and get rejected before you write (which I have been, twice, so this isn’t a sour grapes situation I assure you. I just prefer to be told right off the bat I’m crap, before I do even a lick of work). Try it out. And watch out for my sponsored review coming up next!