Summer is a time to be outside, trekking, biking, swimming or just plain lazing about in the sunny weather, getting a tan. Sometimes, you do a combo of the above stuff, like biking on the beach. This is where cruiser bikes come in nicely.

According to XYZBikes, beach cruisers are simple bicycles usually with just one speed. Not for racing, these pretty little things are for fun and leisure riding, and are also quite inexpensive.

Shown here is the 26″ XYZ Hermosa beach cruiser, pink with flowers. It costs only $95, which is really very cheap. For your info, a bike in the US costs a good few hundred bucks. On Craigslist, where I’ve tried to look for a used lady’s bike for months, the cheapest I got was $30, and that piece of junk did not even come with tires. So $95 is very reasonable.

They have the Hermosa in white as well. How pretty is that?

XYZBikes is an Internet-based start up manufacturing and selling beach cruiser bicycles, which means these babies are only sold online. According to the notes tacked to this post, they sell mostly in California, but have customers in all 50 states.

So if you have a beach house or a timeshare, and do not want to cart your expensive thousand-dollar bike to and from the coast each time you visit, these guys are worth checking out. Better yet, value-add your rental cabin by the beach with these beautiful bikes. Your guests will love you for it. I know I would!

This post is brought to you by XYZBikes.