Hasn’t this issue already been talked to death? Apparently not, since MSNBC’s Today Show is still milking it for all it’s worth.

Are women their own harshest critics? Do dogs bark? Horses neigh? Pigs wade in their own shit?

I’ve put my two cents in and I’ve even been on the other, unforgiving side of parents back home who hire maids half their age to take care of their kids but you know what?

It’s not a war unless you let it get to you. After all, what’s a little harmless competition? I get my jollies from regaling you with stories about what I do at two in the afternoon with my kids. You get yours from all the cash you get to wave in my face. I say we’re even.

Seriously, women take things far too seriously. Granted, I get my panties in a bunch over issues like breastfeeding and pimping my blog so other people don’t like being called a bad mother just because they prefer to earn a salary, or an idiot for giving up their careers, but really, need we go to war about it? Get all riled up and go on national TV about it? Write books about it?

Here’s why we care so damn much about other women who are opting in or out; it’s because we’re jealous. And we’re petty. And we care way too much what total strangers think about us. And we set impossible standards for ourselves, and expect everyone else, including ourselves, to live up to them. And when we – and they – don’t, we shake our heads and go to town with our sanctimonious opinions.

I say, who the hell cares? There is only one person who knows why I do what I do, and that’s me. Okay, there’s Lokes too, but men don’t really care about such things. They want a fight, they play sports. We women, we get catty.

I suppose it’s good entertainment, or else there won’t be shows like Desperate Housewives and Oprah and, well, The Today Show, if women knew how to mind their own business, and instead, focus on getting corporations to offer work-from-home alternatives to BOTH moms and dads so we can be home for our children. With all the technology we have today, you’d think that would be a cinch, quality of life and all that.

So stop whining already, sisters. Write to your boss, call your congressman or MP, blog about better work options so we can all make some money AND be with our kids more. 

Make shit happen.