If there is one thing I like about living here in the US is the convenience of catalog and online shopping.

Almost every week, I trawl my favourite sites like my local Craigslist and Half.com and Overstock. Sometimes, I visit those of major stores like JC Penney’s and Target, which I frequent in real life very regularly. Most of the time, I simply browse for deals or what the Americans call ‘closeouts’, whatever that means, as long as the price is right. Add to this the garage sales which are so popular during the summer, and consignment sales, and you have a Husband Whose Balls Have Disappeared.

But I do my part. I almost always buy things that are only on clearance or at the very least, half off. And it always helps to have sites like Coupon Chief with their online coupons, which I’m starting to like very much even if it’s PPP that’s led me to them.

This site has all the online coupons you’ll ever need for your online shopping, for most of the more popular stores and brands, and possibly every online store on the planet. I peeked at their list of stores and geezuz, there are over a hundred places in there to spend your money, from Gap to Apple (who, btw, is giving away a free Nano and shipping for teachers, college students and their parents if you buy any new Mac at the Apple Store for Education) to Bigger Bras.

Why have I never heard of this site? It’s like finding free money!

And you know what the thing I like most about this site is? It has an RSS feed so you can simply click on the link and be informed of any and all deals coming through.

Now our husbands will REALLY have a reason to be afraid.

Be VERY afraid!

This post is sponsored by CouponChief.com.