Summer was a very foreign concept to me before we moved here. After all, weatherwise, it’s ‘summer’ all year long in Malaysia with our tropical weather.

Malaysian gazetted holidays that affect the working public are religious/ethnic and national/state holidays can make up to around 24 days off per year. Here in the US, there are only seven or eight.

So when do Americans take a break? Why, in the summer, of course, which is when the school holidays of around eight to 13 weeks are. This is also when the working public take time off work to spend with family and loved ones or just to enjoy the sunny weather.

I remember when I first came to the US with Lokes for our belated honeymoon, which was towards the end of summer, we had to prepare months ahead, surfing the Net for deals on car rentals, hotel rates, season passes for theme parks and holiday spots. This is where you thank God for the Internet – and sites like

Everyone wants to travel on a budget, and the best way to find cheap hotels, air fares, car rentals and everything you need for the perfect holiday is to use one-stop site that helps you think of everything you’d need. The question is, with so many such sites out there, which do you go for?

My advice? Don’t just go for the sites with the lowest discounts. Consider as well a site that is easy to navigate, intuitively laid out, quick to respond and most importantly, trustworthy.

Clicking through the many pages in, I most like the Vacation Packages tab, which offers you a no-fuss way to plan your trip. Do you want one destination, or two? Would you like a flight, hotel and car, or just a flight and a hotel, or just a hotel and a car? Where and when do you want to travel? How many are going? Kids or seniors?

These options make picking the right package very simple, and the thing that’s nice for green travelers is that you don’t forget to book something or other because the site takes care of all the essentials for you.

So the next time you want to take a quick holiday somewhere without the work, or want to plan a long and adventurous holiday but not spend too much, check out

So, where are you summering this year?

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