I’ve been using computers since I was eight when my dad bought our first Apple II. It was then I’d fostered a love for video games and computers. If there is one thing I’ve learnt about machines in my 26 years of living with them, is that they can never be trusted.

For anyone here who works with technology, I have three pieces of advice:

  1. Back up
  2. Save your work
  3. Back up some more

Just yesterday, my husband lost two years worth of emails, and God knows how many times I’ve lost data over the years from dead hard disks and power outtages and just sheer clumsiness.

To back up your data, you will need at least one extra hard disk in your computer, external or internal, or a DVD/CD burner.

There is one more option today, and that is the option of online storage. Companies like IBackup let you back up your data online, without ever worrying about your backup HDDs breaking down or your DVDs getting lost.

And they’re not hard to use either – easy drag-and-drop features are available, features you would already be used to when you move and manipulate your files locally.

I’ve checked IBackup’s rates and they are actually pretty reasonable. The lowest is 5GB for US$99.50 a year. Very reasonable, once you consider what your data is worth to you – photos, home videos, spreadsheets, downloads, game saves (lol!).

So the next time you think about storage, consider these options. Of course, consider as well the company’s security measures and policies before making the jump.

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