I’m sure you’ve noticed all the little badges peppered around my blog now. I’ve gone and signed up with Pay Per Post to see if I can’t make a little money to help pay for this blog’s domain and hosting, at the very least (and a little pocket money for little ol’ me).  

So what do I think about ads on blogs? So far, it’s not been too bad. I haven’t grown horns nor has my writing IQ diminished.

I’ve also made $0.45 on my Adsense and it’s been a little less than a week? Pretty soon, we’ll be able to afford real butter!

But what’s more important is, what do YOU think about ads on blogs? Do they compromise editorial integrity? Or is it just business at the end of the day?

ps. Pics of beautiful Eastern Washington later. We took 700+ pictures, I shit you not. Go get your Flickr on if you want to see them all.