Only for you, Patsy.



Firstly, I am a big laugh mushroom woman (tai siew koo por in Cantonese). If you look under “guffaw” in an illustrated dictionary, my face is right there, laughing in all its freckled glory. I laugh whenever someone with an English accent says ‘bum’. I laugh at my own kids (terrible, I know, but they are very silly). I laugh whenever I call Lokes ‘Bartholomew’ or ‘Humphrey’ (or ‘├Źdiot’). I laugh whenever someone with an English accent clears his throat. Those darn English. They are funny.


Secondly, I can dance. Very well. I’ll have you know I was the girl who choreographed all those ‘cool’ concert performances everyone wanted to get in on. And that was all 20 years ago so you know, I have had a head start on all the cool dance moves, in the 80s. If I lose all my weight (emphasis on ‘if’), I will shoot a video of me dancing to Madonna’s Vogue and put it up here. I can vogue UP and down yo’ass so don’t you forget it.

Thirdly, I participated in a computer game tournament back home three years ago. We played Age of Empires at World Cyber Games Malaysia, and I came in fourth. Raeven was two then. I had to change diapers in between matches and was interviewed on TV (sans poopy diapers). My Cool Mom status shot through the roof, but my Wow Look! A Girl Gamer! status suffered a huge drop in since 1. I was a mom 2. I looked nothing like a gamer babe. Still, it was a good experience.


Fourthly, I am a Star Trek fan. Heeyooge. I don’t like to admit to it because once, I’d accidentally left an episode of DS9 on in my laptop and brought it to a moms meeting and it played the moment I opened it up, and Kyra Nerys and Gul Dukat were having some words, and one mom just lost it. As in she laughed her ass off. Not one of my best moments.

But I am not ashamed anymore. I am willing to blog about this, and admitting to one’s obsession is the first step towards normalising it, right?

Wow, do I look good in that or what?

Brendan and me!

No 5: I was once very much in love with Brendan Fraser. Someone told me he lives in Seattle and that’s why we moved 30,000 miles from home. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t live anywhere near Duvall but it sure beats living in SS2. Brendan, if you are reading this, I love your photos and I love you and even though The Mummy (both of them) sucked, you’re still very handsome and very talented. And if you ever come to the Eastside, specifically say to Snoqualmie Valley, I’m gonna be gone most of July so maybe August, ok? Call me, baby.

Sixthly, I used to play the piano, but I hated it. LOATHED it. I told my mom if she would not let me quit, I’d fail my SRP. She did and I got seven A’s. I’d say it was a fair exchange.

Seven: I am not a graduate, as some of you may know. But I bet I can write as well as I dance.

Last but not least: I love you guys.

There. And I tag: Julie, Yvette, Dawn, Asther (who’s going to be my sister-in-law end of this year, btw so everyone, go over to her blog and wish her a hearty good luck! Not that she needs it, you understand?) and Misha. Have fun!