It was the girls’ bedtime, and I was reading Fox in Socks to Raeven, something I rarely do since that book annoys the hell out of me.

But since she gets to choose her two books, I had to read it, so I read the whole thing. Took me ten minutes but when I did, I half wanted to throw up.

At the end, Rae sighed contentedly. And just as I thought that she would sink right into her pillow and go straight to sleep (right…), she sat straight up as though she’d just remembered something.

“Open your mouth, Mommy!” she demanded.


“I wanna see!”

I obeyed. She peered into my cavernous mouth and inspected it for a second.

“Okay, your tongue is still straight.”

Satisfied, she climbed up to her bunk bed.


This is what makes all the meltdowns worth it.