Took me all day to download the stuff I needed to make JUST the cover hehe but here it is:

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Click to see it up close and personal in my Flickr album (you’ll need a Flickr account and I have to approve you – sorry, that’s the way it goes).

I spent $12 on the papers and embellishments at Shit, these guys really know how to make money. Still, much cheaper than the real thing.

Just to clue in my Malaysian friends, Washington has SCORES of art and crafts stores that sell the real scrapbooking supplies (just Google ‘scrapbooking’ and you’ll see what I mean). The stuff you see at Yes, those are REAL collections you can buy but they are costly (and not very environmentally friendly which is why I didn’t pick the hobby up). One piece of 12 x 12 art paper (like the polka dot one you see here) can cost 80c! Anyway, I got like three sets of digital ones for $12 so, MUCH cheaper. After all, it’s only data bytes!

Will post more as I go along. This will be a 16-pager of Raeven’s first year so it will take a while to sort through her zillion photos to choose the perfect ones. You know how it is. Digital cameras – boon or bane?!

ps. Shireen, I use Adobe Photoshop to design the whole thing. If you play with Scrapblog, you will get a hang dropping and dragging stuff around. Imagine a much fuller, more complicated but more robust version of it, which you can also use to edit photos etc.Photoshop will take a while to learn and I don’t know how I’m going to teach you being thousands of miles away but I will try LOL. I don’t really know all the stuff you can do with it but it’s really good for editing photos and now, scrapbooking!