Wow, I’m on a blogging spree tonight.

To make up for the silence the whole of last week. I was super bee-say.

Anyway, a few of my preschool friends asked me how Raeven is reading so well today (she can actually read my blog so I have to put a stop to my incessant swearing. Or ban her from reading my blog).

I promise you, I did not force her. She loves Dr Seuss and those Scholastic picture books which are just marvellous. I’ve also been reading to her since she was a baby, mostly board books with pictures, where I make up the stories because well, those books aren’t cheap so I make up different stories even when I am using the same book and the same words and pictures, the cheapskate that I am.

I think it also helps when she sees me spending so much time with my nose buried in a book or the computer, reading something or other.

“Mommy, let’s read your blog!” she will ask because she knows she’s in here. I refrain of course, what with the things I put in here.

Anyway, the girls have a few favourites that Lokes and I have to read each night and in Skyler’s case, during her nap time.

Right on top is Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We borrowed the board version from the library a long time ago and she loved it. Then I saw one at a garage sale. It was brand new and cost only 50 cents, so now, she even sleeps with it. My gut feeling is that it has all kinds of junk food in there, like an ice cream cone and a cup cake and salami. Oh, she loves the damn thing.

Her other top favourites are Dr Seuss’ ABC and One Fish Two Fish. She must be read one of these or she will not be able to go to sleep.

Rae’s book du jour is Martin Wadell’s Once There Were Giants. It’s a beautiful tale about growing up and I love reading it myself. Rae also loves to ‘read’ a new children’s atlas we bought her, which I explained to her is a ‘book of maps’. Now that Lokes is travelling, she has fun looking at all the places he’s visiting. She also loves a book her preschool teacher recommended, called The Squeaky Door by Margaret Read MacDonald and Mary Newell DePalma.

But my favourite book of all is Joyce Dunbar’s Tell me Something Happy Before I go to Sleep. It’s a sweet tale about a brother telling his sister all the happy reasons why she should go to sleep, and why I like it is because by the time I finish, the girls are both yawning and ready to call it a night!

So what are your favourite books to read to your kids? Share!