A lot of you have asked me how I find the time to write and jazzercise and start a preschool and keep the house running.

Well, here’s the secret.

I have Hermione’s Time Turner.


Okay, so I don’t have Hermione’s Time Turner but wouldn’t that be just the thing? Sorry, I’m just gearing up for Book Seven.

Anyway, here’s a rough schedule of my day:

6.30am: Alarm rings. We don’t get up until 7am, to get breakfast for the girls. Sometimes they have cereal in the car if we decide to sleep in a bit. Lokes makes eggs when he feels like it. I pour cereal 😀 

8.20am: I head out with the girls for jazzercise at 9.30am. Drop Lokes off at the office (when he’s home) and then drop the kids off at the childcare next to the gym.

10.30am: Jazzercise is over. Pick kids up and head home for lunch. We have simple stuff like cheese and ham quesadillas or sandwiches, soup or salad. Very quick to prepare.

12 noon: Put Sky down for her nap. Sometimes I nap too with Rae playing computer games next to me. Most of the time, I check my emails.

1.30pm: Sky wakes up and the girls play. They play very well together now and I can leave them in their play room for a couple of hours. Sometimes I set the pool up and they splash outside. Sometimes we go to the park for the day. Sometimes we do art outside but only when Mommy feels like cleaning up two very paint-splattered girls after.

3pm: Get the girls their snack of crackers and fruits.

4.00pm: When my in-laws were not here, I would take dinner I’ve prepared the night before out, to reheat/prepare rice/stirfry a vegetable.

5.00pm: Out to pick Lokes up from the office.

5.45pm: Home for dinner. Lokes has the girls after this.

6.45pm: The girls wind down with a bath and get ready for bed.

7.30pm: Lights out for the girls. Lokes and I bathe and what not, before going downstairs to prepare tomorrow’s ‘menu’.

8.30pm: We are done and have until midnight to do our own thang.

Of course, now with my in-laws here, we don’t do meals and we have some evenings to ourselves, where I attend my preschool meetings and so on.

I usually vacuum the house during the weekends and wash the toilets once every fortnight. I take the girls grocery shopping middle of the week to beat the traffic.

There you have it. See, you don’t need a Time Turner.

Maybe a little Tina Turner might help:)

ps. Lokes does the laundry 😉