I swear, it’s either I am losing my mind, or that McDonald’s Drive Thru is stealing my food.

Each time I go through the Drive Thru and order something – and I have done this a fair amount of times ‘coz c’mon, I have two little kids – they almost always manage to ‘forget’ my order of Chicken Selects.

Today I had this nagging feeling that they would screw up again, and so I parked at one of those conveniently Check If We Facked Up Your Order bays located right next to the Drive Thru lane AFTER you pick up your order?


And it was my Chicken Selects AGAIN.

I mean, what the heck?

This is the FIFTH GODDAMN time.

And you know what’s weird?

When I went in to claim my chicken (I was jabbing angrily at my receipt at the words CHICKEN SELECTS 5PCS over the din of screaming babies and frying…food), this lady looked at me with eyes as round as saucers, exactly the way Rae looks at me when I catch her trying to do something illegal, like trying to eat lip balm.

And from a corner of those metal counters and shelves with blinking lights, she fished out my box of Chicken Selects, quickly stuffed them in a bag and thrusted it to me.

It felt like she’d just handed me a colourful paper bag of coke, I shit you not.

I mean, aren’t there a MILLION Chicken Selects in there? WHY MINE?! I had carrot sticks for breakfast, for God’s sake!!

I wish I could say I will never go to a McD’s Drive Thru again but I really can’t. I love their Iced Coffee too much. And their Chicken Selects.

MY Chicken Selects.