Skyler is not a clingy kid. She’s fiercely independent (“I try? Lemme try? TRY?!!”), outspoken (“MY violin!”), has a voracious appetite (“MY fishy qwackerth!”) and does not give up easily (“Baaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamy fishy qwackerthhh!!!!”).

However, she has her weepy hanging-onto-your-calf-for-dear-life moments. Today, after a wet, sandy afternoon by the riverside, after we washed out all the sand from her bottom and in between her toes and from the insides of her mouth, gave her a nice long bath, tucked her in for a late nap, she had one of those moments.

Now my two-year old daughter has very few loves. You can count them on one hand: Her Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Goldfish crackers (how did you guess?). Her sister’s brand new Hello Kitty violin which she insists is hers. And her biggest love of all? Grapes.

If a Skyler Tan ever applies to work at your vineyard, consider yourself warned. You won’t know what hit you.  

Anyway, so there she was, clinging on to me as I went down Skyler’s List of Loves so I could peel her off me.

“You want Hungry Caterpillar?”


“You want goldfish crackers?”


“You want violin?”


“You want grapes?”

She paused. I held my breath.



“Okay, mommy’s gonna put you in your chair so you can have some grapes okay?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” her nails dug into my neck and she grabbed on, like one of those irritating chimpanzee bags they sell at zoos or theme parks. Don’t you hate those?

“If you want grapes you have to sit in your chair, baby doll…,” I coaxed, trying to free myself from the Death Grip of Skyler Tan.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” her thighs clamped down around my waist, and she buried her face so deeply into my shoulder I swear there is a Skyler face print on there right now.

“Okay…so do you want mommy to carry?”

“Yeah…,”she whimpered.

“Do you still want grapes?”

She sniffed sadly.



So yes, the other reason why I couldn’t blog properly the last entry was because I also had a stubborn, 33lb child trying to get back into my body the last hour.

And Lokes left this morning for Florida.

But yay, summer is here!