This morning, Lokes and I were on our way to his office for a meeting with his boss (well, he’s the one with the meeting – I had to go get Rae’s cake), and on the radio, we heard about Senator Barack Obama coming to Seattle.

We heard that they were charging people $25 to $100 to get into Qwest to see him?

Did we hear that right?

I Googled the event and got hit with this blog.

Now that is just hilarious.

I’m not into politics (although I imagine if I were, I’d not be very good at it being something of a pushover and a wimp) but is this common practice, to have to buy a ticket to watch a senator speak? Really, I’m asking, ‘coz this is just too funny!

It’s like he’s a rock star or something (all due respect to the Senator, I mean, I think he’s kinda cute). But isn’t he trying to get votes or something to be the next president? So, looking at it very simplistically, one is PAYING to hear why one should vote for him?

Conflicted, no?

Please, educate me.