Yooooooo peyyyyayyyeps!

Okay, no, this is not going to be another lame lazy-ass-lyrics- passing-off-as-insightful-poetry entry (although Brandi Carlile is really hotter than, than, than, like, even my husband, who’s back after three and a half weeks, so I really shouldn’t be sitting here and typing although we are planning for an evening of hot welcome-to-summer sex so I can spare 20 minutes to throw something together for my favourite peyyyayyayeps so y’all know I’ve not gone soft or just gone).

First of all, school’s out. Rae cried through her little not-graduation graduation ceremony in school because she didn’t get to be first. I cried because I am a wimp. And that’s why, my preschool mommy friends who are reading this, I took off quick today because I didn’t want a redux. These things have a nasty way of replaying themselves and if I don’t watch it, I might just be known as That Silly Blogging Lady Who Can’t Stop Crying before the summer is over, so No More Crying! You girls promise to meet up, like, everyday over the summer and I will be A O Kay!

Anyway, this week is Crazy Ass Week because we have a gajillion things going on.

So graduation’s over, and next, we have Rae’s fifth birthday party this Friday, held five days early because Lokes is back only until Sunday – no, don’t even GO there – when he will be flying off again for a little less than ONE MONTH. So the plan is the girls have to spend like every second of every minute of every hour of every of the THREE AND A HALF DAYS with their dad before he’s gone again. Skyler was a little stunned this morning at breakfast.

“Where daddy? Where?!” she asked, panicking. It’s a good thing she’s two ‘coz it might be cause for concern that she’s JUST noticed her dad’s not around when he’s been gone almost four weeks.

Next is the parade this weekend for our little town, and the girls are actually going to be IN the parade with their little trikes and carts. And while Lokes is taking them through the thing, I will be fielding questions for our new preschool around town, handing out flyers and trying to convince bystanders and parade-watchers and sidewalk-walkers that a cooperative preschool is the Way To Go, people!

Our one reprieve? Free pancakes all morning Sunday morning at the fire station the day after the parade – after which Lokes will take off for Orlando for Tech Ed and then to India and then to Japan and to Germany.

But first things first: The hot sex.

(no podcast for this ‘coz I can’t say ‘sex’ and not giggle a little. Sorry!)