These last two days have just been hell for me with the girls, especially Rae.

Yesterday, she practically screamed at my mother-in-law.

“I WANT YOU TO FIX MY TENT RIGHT NOW!!!” she’d yelled.

I was upstairs with Skyler when the bloodcurdling scream broke through the house, followed by sounds of angry stomping and laboured breathing. My mother-in-law was cooking dinner. Right away, I ran downstairs, Skyler in my arms, and spent the next half an hour sending Rae to the corner, lecturing her ear off about respect and manners and patience, before taking away her computer privileges for three days and then sending her to her room right after dinner where I’d told her she should spend some time thinking about what she did.

Instead, she fell asleep.

Today, she decided that it would be fun to decorate the back side of our house with handprints. I’d stepped in for TWO MINUTES, to put Skyler in the bathtub because she was covered in paint, and when I went to get Rae, my pristine white house had five HUGE handprints on it.

As I scrubbed the stubborn blue paint off (washable my ass! It took Clorox + 409 + Turpenoid to get it off) all I could think about was:

  • how screwed we are that nobody is going to buy our house when we’re ready to sell it because of the huge blue stain at the back
  • are there still boarding schools?
  • where one could get a tranquilizer

And this is all not counting the fact that this morning, my mother-in-law thought it appropriate to serve chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

Question: If one Absolutely Hates Cleaning, and one’s child makes a bloody fucking mess, is it alright to completely lose it?

If just for a while?

‘Coz if anyone deserves to throw a hissy fit today, it’s me.


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