Man, these days I just can’t keep from crying.

Or maybe it’s the season finales for all my favourite shows: Brothers & Sisters, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty.

I mean, didn’t you just die a little from the way Christina sobbed as she tore off her wedding gown, going, “I’m free, I can’t breathe” after counting off all the things Burke took with him when he left?

Didn’t you choke the tears back when the lyrics of West Side’s Story’s Somewhere echoed through the halls of the school as Betty consoled her sister who’s fiance had been shot in a store robbery?

Did your heart not rip when Nora and Kitty sent Justin off to Iraq at the airport?

Did you not whimper a little seeing Ando leave Hiro to finish his quest for him?

As much as I love the summer after a miserably cold year, I hate when all these shows take their yearly sabbatical. And as if saying goodbye, if for a few months, to my favourite shows isn’t enough, the writers REALLY worked their tearjerking prowess nicely this year. I was beside myself five minutes ago, imagining how it must feel to send my child to war.

Or maybe I’ve become such a wimp I can’t even watch a commercial for Drapolene without falling apart.

Sigh. Good TV is hard to beat, I’ll tell ya that.