(fan-see is a Cantonese derivative of the word ‘fan’)

This is a rather embarassing tag, isn’t it? Thanks again, Shireen! You are so going to get tagged when I get a tag that’s not from you!

I mean, who do you call your fans? How do you say someone is your fan and not sound a little conceited? I mean, this is a tag that should be done by these so-called fans themselves, not me!

As such, I’m opening up this tag to people who read and like my blog. Are you a fan? If so, please delurk and comment. Just say, “Yes, I like your blog very much! My name is so-and-so and my blog is this-and-this.”

Just so you know, I already know who some of you are, so might as well just be up front about it!

And now, on to others to do this Very Awkward Tag (searching RSS feed):

Eugene (c’mon, let’s give it up for all two of them!)

Min (plenty of fans of your cakes!)


Jennic (I know you’re very busy but what the heck!)

Lokes (do my tag or sleep outside! :D)