(sorry, that was the gamer part of me. That actually means ‘fat loot’. I know, I’m a dork)

So today I went for my first garage sale. Or rather, first FIVE ‘garage sales’. I’d planned to go for one ‘moving sale’ and on the way, I saw a ‘rummage sale’, two honest-to-goodness garage sales, and then on the way back, saw one ‘yard sale’.

What is the diff? I seriously do not know. All I know is, I got me some PH4T L3WT!!!1111!!

I spent a total of US$18.50 on these items:


A beautiful, rustic piece of framed canvas art for $2.


A toaster oven for $5! It doesn’t look a year old, works and everything!


Two apple crates for a buck each. I’m turning these into white, book boxes/cabinets for the girls. I’d been shopping for a book case but none of the sales had one. And then I saw these. They are PERFECT. Will post pics once I’m done ‘flipping’ them.


About 14 books. They were 50c for the hardcovers and 25c for the softcovers. Yes, that is the Milne’s Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh. FOR 50 CENTS!

I’m so psyched!