Hello, TheImperfectMom.com readers! How are you? Are you guys good? Are you guys doing ok? Are you guys still here?!


As for me, I’ve finally done it this time. Yes, the biting off more than I am able to chew thing *vigorous nodding*. I have so many fingers in so many pies, I need more fingers.

No, that’s not it! I have to STOP SAYING YES! Just STOP, you weak little unable-to-decline-politely-idiot! What the heck!

(Note to self: Lay off the triple shots)

Oh, you don’t know half of it. I am spread so thin these days there is a layer of Jenn all over the place.

Firstly, you will NEVER guess what I’ve gotten myself into. C’mon, give it a try.

No, I’m not skydiving.

No, still not curing cancer.

Oh please, the gym, that was over months ago.

I am…

…helping to start a cooperative preschool!!

That’s right. You read right. Moi, trying to start a school. Can you believe it? I can’t even think straight now by the enormity of it all. I mean, I love doing new things and going for new experiences and challenging myself to see what kind of crazy business I might get into, but starting a preschool? What the HECK do I know about education? I can sing a few songs, read a few books, probably get a tissue for a weepy kid or two, but to start a WHOLE SCHOOL?

Go to a new country, start a school!

Wow, I feel so like a missionary right now.

I’m sure those of you back home in Malaysia think I’ve finally gone off my rocker. And I assure you, I have. But I am so buzzed right now from all the meetings I’ve been going to, to finally be back out there doing something other than wiping shitty backsides and driving the girls around to this thing and that thing, just feels so good.

And as if that is not enough, I have signed up to be the goodwill ambassador for our town’s moms’ group. Actually, I’d signed up for that before I knew I was going to be one of THREE people who will be setting up the school, so yea, I’m stuck.

Oh well.

I really need to learn to say no, you know. It’s getting to be really…scary.


I need another coffee.