I don’t blog for money but I will blog for fashion – and goodwill!

League of Artisans and Lotus by LOA, both websites dedicated to luxury handicrafts, approached me a week ago to help them publicise their products, particularly for Mother’s Day, and I found their scarves and wraps to be particularly delightful (and useful for those chilly evenings spent outside sipping wine or just watching the kids play throughout spring and summer). Better yet, drape them around for cocktails or a night out at the opera! I own half a dozen wraps myself for no sensible reason other than loving the feel and look of them.

Check out the Ahimsa collection. I loooove love love the Peacock and Zagreb lines.

So if you’re running out of ideas for this Mother’s Day (only a week left!), visit LOA and find other pretty things like tea accessories and bedding and even lacquer candle holders, all hand-made from India.

More importantly, visit LOA to help build sustainable business enterprises in the craft sector in India.Over 20 million artisans in India work in the sector and live below the poverty line in the county’s most remote areas. They are forced to sell their crafts through middlemen, and often earn less than FIVE PERCENT of the end price of their goods.

Support LOA to increase the number of livelihoods and income levels by scaling up the businesses of non-profit artisan groups where the company will return all profits above a fair trade cost of production and operating costs to the artisans as investments in trainings, raw materials, more efficient modes of production.

Above all, support LOA because I mean, look at those things. Aren’t they just the prettiest? Exquisitely handcrafted and so very beautiful…