About a week or more ago, Rae’s preschool had a little concert and it was none other than the delightful Nancy Stewart. Now if you’re not from Washington or Seattle or the US – and I’m not – you probably would not have heard of her. I only got to know Nancy and her beautiful children’s music from Rae’s preschool teacher, who plays her tunes all day long in class.

At the concert, we purchased two of Nancy’s albums, and now, play her music in the car and at home and she has also replaced The Wiggles as bedtime music.

Rae simply cannot live without her anymore.

So, dear Malaysian moms, get a load of Nancy at www.nancymusic.com. She has some free downloads, and I know, $15 is a little steep due to the exchange rate and in light of our unique circumstances *nudge nudge wink wink* but it’s worth it. Get the Song of the Month two-CD compilation – very, very worth it!