The best thing about my in-laws being here, besides my mother-in-law’s insane cooking, is the time I now get to spend by myself after dropping Rae off at school on the days I don’t work. 2.5 hours of pure bliss. Do you know what it means not having to drag around a two-year old to and from supermarkets, the library, to the coffee shop, to public toilets? No you don’t, nuh-uh! Skyler is precious as life to me but man, I needed this break.

For two weeks now, I’ve taken the time to catch up with friends, read and now, for the first time in the 15 months since we’ve moved here, I’m actually sitting at a Tully’s, blogging. I am ACTUALLY one of those people with notebooks pretending to write. How lame is that? Family Guy lame, for sure, but you know what? Gimme those crutches ‘coz there’s no way I’m moving my arse now with my buttery croissant and my foamy latte and the sunshiny sun on my face, just sitting here blogging and reading and finally taking a REAL BREAK.

Life is good!

ps. I just played that Family Guy video out loud in a small pond of tables with people typing away at their notebooks. Couldn’t turn the volume down in time. Whoops…