Just hot off the Blogher press:

There is a wonderful and beautiful blogger. Her name is Heather. She is a talented, sweet, amazing blogger and blog designer. With every entry she writes, you get a glimpse into the depth of this amazing woman. So how does that make her stand out from the crowd?

Heather has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is a young mother to three children, one of whom has chronic health problems. Her doctors said that the tumor has been there for at least 10 years. 10 years. She is scheduled for surgery this Thursday. As in a few days from today.

Long story short, brain surgery is is expensive and Heather needs just A DOLLAR from each of you to help her and her family through.

Boomama has set up a love offering for Heather and you can read all about Heather’s plight here.

Click on the little stamp to donate your dollar (or more) here: