Dina Zaman, the illustrious gal behind the recently published I am Muslim, is calling for submissions for I am Muslim 2.

And you don’t even HAVE to be Muslim!  


1. Write your essay. 800 to 1000 words. If it’s a series, title them so. Yes, poetry is accepted too. Save on word document.
2. YouTube videos, posters, jpegs accepted.
3. Your name. Age range. Location.
4. Socio-religious details: you can be Muslim. Non-Muslim. Practising. Non-practising. But the theme is this:
It’s got to be about Islam and faith, and how you view it.
This is all about you, you, you. And a cat named Boo.
5. Malay/English. If you write in another language, please help us get it translated. We can do our best… but knowing your editors, we may conjure fantastical tales.
7. This project will last as soon as we get 100 best stories published on this blog. When we source the funds we’ll publish the best 50 + 20 which were already published in www.malaysiakini.com.
8. Email to iammuslimbook@gmail.com
To: IAMMUSLIMBOOK(UK/ZIMBABWE/MALAYSIA – so we know la and the editors of each region can work on their areas only)
Name, address, ic, no we don’t want your photos!
Attached word document. Make sure there’s no virus!
9. You will not be paid until we figure a way to get the site sponsored! But it’s your chance to be published :)

So much writing, so little time!