Just got clued in by Literary Mama that Common Ties, a story site, is looking for PAID submissions (if picked).

I excerpt:

Typical payment is between $100 and $200 and in some cases, can reach up to $1,000. Stories should be between 750 and 3,000 words.

I submitted a 2,700-word short story version of Small Mother, a tale I’d wanted to write for a long time about my Koo Ma, a modern-day concubine (I know!).

It was originally desired to be a novella but too bad, I don’t have the time to research the story in detail, so a short version will have to do.

Common Ties also accepts non-motherhood stories. This is the mail I got from their editor, Elizabeth Armstrong Moore, in response to my submission:

Thanks for submitting your story to Common Ties! Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we are not able to send rejection letters or provide feedback. We do consider all submissions sent to us, and if we accept your story we will notify you based on the following schedule:  

Under the Influence:  May 3

Mothers and Motherhood: May 10

Open Themes: May 17

Confessions: May 24

Turning Points: May 31

Fathers and Fatherhood: June 14

Feel free to browse and comment on stories on the following themes: addiction adolescence, cancer, camp, chance encounters, college, crime, dating, divorce , family secrets, gay and lesbian, humor, the Holocaust, lucky breaks, marriage, quirks, religion, sex abuse, teaching, travel, war, work.

If you have any questions, please review our FAQs on our Submit a story page.

I’m gonna try writing for some of the other categories as well.

Good luck, writers!