You guys will NEVER guess what I’d gotten myself into yesterday.

No, I didn’t enter a beauty contest.

No, not a pie-eating contest.

Nahh, no deep-sea fishing for me.

After exactly 23 years, I had a game of netball.  

What ball?


No, it’s not a ball game you play on the Internet. It’s a mix between basketball and ultimate frisbee, is how a Malaysian girl I met described it.

I know, isn’t it crazy? I used to play growing up in Ipoh and remember being really good at it, playing for my school and everything. Of course, I’m now 23 years older and tons fatter. 

Which is why I ended up with a twisted ankle and a scab the size of a quarter. I’d wanted to take a picture of my ‘medal’ of honour but decided blood and exposed flesh didn’t make good art. Plus it’s now healing under a huuuyuuge Dora band-aid, upon Rae’s insistence.

Still, sooooooooooo fun. Although I’d played only 20 minutes my ankle slid sideways. All the memories of my 11-year old self jumping and running around in my school field returned getting into everybody’s face came back. It was a most happy time of my life.

If any of you living in Seattle are interested, visit and do join us. I promise you – this is perhaps the best, most fun workout I’ve had in over 20 years!