I was watching ABC’s Six Degrees and found out about this ingenius little thing in craigslist called Missed Connections (this is the Seattle one).

What a cool idea. How many times have we found or ‘met’ someone on the street or at an intersection driving in our cars or at a supermarket, where our eyes meet for a brief moment, we smile but neither of us have the courage to say hi or take it further, and that connection is therefore ‘missed’ forever?

This is a pretty rare example of how technology can directly impact society literally overnight. From a one to a zillion chance to connecting with a total stranger you only briefly saw, you are narrowing it to perhaps, one in a million or even a thousand in an ultra-connected city like Seattle.

Is this messing with fate? No it’s not! It’s giving you more time to gather up your wits and your guts to make your grand approach without the pressure of time.

Although I’m out of the market, I can’t help feeling excited for some of my single friends. Last year, a single mom friend and I visited the park with our kids and we saw a couple of guys playing ball at the park. This dude and her shared such a moment but before she could drum up enough spunk to approach him (or him her), he’d taken off. What a waste!

Now perhaps they’ll have a second chance!