Firstly, I wish to thank someone who may have read my blog on Siti Aisya and sent a US$200 donation to the cause.

Daphne, the incredible young lady behind this plight, sent me this email a while ago:

Dear Mdm Tai (aiyo, don’t call until so old, Daphne! lol),

Hi, this is Daphne Ling from Malaysia…

Aisya’s parents have received a cheque all the way from the USA today (US$ 200), and they have asked for me to please convey their thanks…But they could not give me a proper name…

I can only remember you (From US) asking me about Aisya…If this is not you, please forgive me and ignore this email…

Anyway, donations, as of today, have reached around RM 9400 RM12840.

For further updates, please go to my blog:

Cheerio, and do have a nice day,
Daphne L

You can still donate or sponsor items. Where and how to help, here.

On a more sombre note, I read with sadness and anger the words of hatred sent Daphne’s way from Malaysians at Marina’s blog, unfounded accusations soaked in racism and bitterness and jealousy against motives so pure that they (the accusations) sound almost demonic. Marina has put it best against such malevolence.

But to take them to heart is to let them tarnish Daphne’s goodness. This young woman is an inspiration to us all and as they say, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Daphne, the seeds of suspicion will never flourish in the presence of light. Have courage in the good work that you do and let the faith in your heart lead you.