Everyone once in a while, I like to share with you, my dear readers, little factoids about my blog that I think you might like to read.

Such as how people in the World Wide Web find my blog.

No, not how people find my blog, not “Oh, I think she’s full of crap!” or “Oh man someone’s gotta tell that woman that talking about phlegm and snot will not get her votes!” but literally, how people around the world arrive at my blog everyday not by mere chance, but by the mercies of one very nifty little search engine that we’ve all come to love and adore and rely on as though it were the tree of knowledge itself, and that is none other than


Never thought you’d see THAT search engine again, did you?

Of course, I meant Google.

So, without further ado, let me present to you my top ten favourite search phrases that people have found in themselves the audacity to type, falsely led to believe that perhaps, deep in the dark of night, hidden behind their computers and closed doors and a labyrinth of modems and cables and computers and servers and switches and IP networks, that no one would ever find out what their dirty little minds were thinking – only to realise that lo and behold, there are nifty little spies out there that track more than just traffic.


Here we go (vote for your favourite!):

10. i dont like my long nose

9. when my son caught me having sex with my husband i whip my sons butt hard

8. naked mobile ladies with nothing on

7. mom spanked daughter church crying (okay, who is this? ‘fess up!)

6. mom has cock in hole

5. indian aunty seduction

4. dirty spanking games

3. punjabi men don’t marry

2. big boobs mom.com


and the grand prize winner is…

1. hairy mom reveals all


Seriously, there should be like a contest for The Most Bizarre Search Phrase in the History of Internet Searches.

How about it, Mr Google?