Is it summer already? Where did spring go? Help! Global warming!

It’s a wonder anyone can stay healthy in these weather conditions. One minute it’s as hot as the devil’s butt crack and the next, hell seems to have frozen over. We have jackets AND sun screen in the car. Is it not the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?

Rae goes and picks the tiniest piece of clothing she owns because apparently Mommy told her “if you see the sun shining very brightly, you can wear your short shorts.” I said no such thing. That thing barely covers her arse. As if I don’t have enough problems.

The only thing keeping my head from floating away in a sea of phlegm is a nice cup of joe. But I could be drinking a mug full of ink and wouldn’t know the difference SINCE I CAN’T FACKING TASTE OR SMELL ANYTHING.

Meanwhile, Lokes is still curled up nicely under the sheets and it’s almost 10am.

It’s such a beautiful day. I have to share it. Let me go draw the blinds…