So are any of you going for Blogher this year?

If so, can you teach me how to select tracks?

Seriously, I’ve attended tech shows and trade shows and food shows and game shows and game tournaments but never one as an attendee where I have to, like, select tracks. As a journo, I went where I thought the stories were. And then I take off a little before rush hour for some roti and teh tarik ;).

And since this is the first time I’m paying good money to go, it makes the track-selecting all the more crucial.

Good god there are just too many good ones. I want to go for everything.

Also, imagining being in a room full of women bloggers is making me want to stop eating and do something drastic to my hair. Have you seen the talent out there? I have to give up eating and bathing just to stay on top of my blogging and feed-reading. How are these women not gazillionaires and rock stars, pray tell?

Yes, I am very excited. I’d just asked Lokes if it was okay for me to go somewhere by myself and was thinking about backpacking for a week around Italy but his face sort of went blank, and his mouth turned slack and he went, “uhh…” while spit started to trickle from the side of his mouth into his goatee.

Not a good idea, sweetie? Oookay. How about a flight to Chicago for a women’s blogging conference? Right away, his mouth snapped shut and he nodded, “Sure! When?”

It’s not that he doesn’t know where Italy is, but he thinks me backpacking is sort of like me going bungee jumping.

“Honey, but you won’t…come back up…” he’d say, stroking my hair and feeding me grapes.

He forgets I used to travel for work. I might’ve gained a fe-…okay, a LOT of pounds and I might’ve not been around the last few years but I can still fit in a plane, thank you very much. AND get from the airport, to the hostel. AND remember to pack my digital camera batt charger and phone charger and notebook cables and USB card reader and God knows what other little thingamajigs I cannot live without.

Tsk. Hullo, I’m a mom. I can remember stuff for FOUR people around here. And then some.

So, Chicago. What’s in Chicago, besides Blogher? And Oprah? Is Oprah in Chicago? And those hotdogs with tomato slices I saw on Food Channel once? And, like, wind?

So exciting!

ps. I’ll be staying at a Blogher hostel called HI-Chicago. Seriously, if you’re going, ping me so we can bunk together or something! Caroline, are you reading this? You are SO driving me around!