An excerpt from SecondLife, a new short story up at A Tale A Day:

Perhaps she should’ve waited a while before having sex. It was, after all, their first date. At least she should’ve waited until she got all her nerves back.

Still, it was nice. But nice was not nice for Saul.

Alice giggled.

“What is it?” asked Saul worriedly, bringing her thigh up to his under the sheets, stroking it.

“I can’t wait for my next medical. You know, they’d injected some sort of device in me to check my stats constantly. I’m guessing it shows I had sex.”

Saul frowned.

“Is it bad?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not infectious, Saul.”

“Not very appropriate after-sex talk, baby.”

They laughed softly and kissed and pretty soon, Saul was in her.

“You don’t feel anything?” he asked, moving gently.

“Oh I do. Like I said, I feel every little thing. Just that, it’s a little intense.”

Alice kissed the beautiful man in front of her.

“Is it painful?” he inquired.

“No, it’s not. Like I said, it blocks out all those kinds of sensations. Which is why you have to be gentle with me,” she smiled lazily.

“My pleasure,” Saul said, before taking her into his arms.

This is my first attempt at writing for a genre that’s caught my interest thanks to The Time Traveler’s Wife, a category of creative writing that mixes science fiction with literature.

Let me know what you think!