(This is a sticky post and will remain on top until the Awards are over. Scroll down for more recent posts!)

(and yes I got a sticky JUST for the awards. Crankin’ up the ole PR machine!)

Oh, oh, head getting bigger!

Please vote for me so I can get some new glasses to go with my new super big head.

Thanks, Mamabok for nominating and getting your entire family to vote for me.

(what are you talking about? Of course I voted for myself!)

I am nominated in the category The Blogitzer, which is for best writing in a blog. The winners will be announced at Postiecon in Orlando, Florida, and Lokes is going there for a convention on the same dates.

So lemme give you my best ‘one cent face’…

 Jenn making her one cent face

so you can go ahead and vote for me, and I can go too!

But only if you think I write good.

I try, very hard.

I do.

I’ll try harder! Vote for me!

Update: Okay, I need a good ten votes to keep me ahead. C’MON TROOPS YOU CAN DO IT! I’ll buy you coffees. Good coffee here in Seattle.

Update 11 April 2007: I hit 50 votes as of 11.36am PST and am now five votes in the lead! Thank you all for and do keep voting! I love you all so much! On top of coffee, I will sing a song with my new sexy, husky voice (more on this below)!