Halfway packing up Skyler’s and Raeven’s baby clothes today (tardy’s my middle name), I thought of ebaying them.

And as I was taking pictures of their little onesies and tank tops and itty bitty t-shirts and dresses, I began to feel a little sad. Pretty soon, I was choking back the tears, so I IM-ed my best friend Hazel back home in Malaysia who’s expecting this September, and demanded that she have a girl so I could send her all my clothes. At least they’ll be with people I love.

I mean, how can I part with this?


Lokes got this for Rae on his first trip to New Orleans. Sky has never even worn it.

And how cute is this?


I remember Rae barely filling out this little thing and I’d wanted her to wear it so badly that I sort of hung it over her anyway. Sky looked so cute in this too.

And this one is my favourite:


Sky wore this all through her first year and when she outgrew them, I used the bottom as capris and on really warm days, let Sky’s little tummy stick out of the top.


Sigh. Seriously, please tell me how to stop them from growing up so fast.