So Lokes and I were invited today to his boss’s annual wine-tasting event.

Now I’m no wine connoisseur. But I like wine and I like getting sloshed (I tend to be very happy when I’m tipsy) but since I’m a HBV carrier, it makes drinking a very philosophical experience. With each sip I take, in my head, I fluctuate between severe self-condemnation in daring to risk further damaging my liver, and equally strong self-loathing for being a sorry-ass baby who is letting the good things in life (so good) pass me by just because of some silly disease.

So fun to be me.

Anyway, it was such a great evening. It was beautiful out. Lokes’ boss and his wife are lovely hosts and have a home one can only dream of. I must’ve drank a whole bottle myself (can’t for the life of me remember the names but I know most of it were like, red). Ended the evening wobbling back and forth on my two-inch sandals, grinning like an idiot going, “Oh. My. God!” a couple of hundred times. Ate goat cheese for the first time too. Trippy tasting stuff. I’m such a country bumpkin, I know. Yes, I’ve never had goat cheese, ever. I know! Oh. My. God!

You’d think there was goat cheese in the country but what-e-ver.

Made some new friends too, two of whom are Duvallites. Cathy, if you’re reading this, you make me laugh. My jaw is aching and you have no idea how much I enjoyed it. I am so in awe of you, and am so looking forward to our girls being friends at kindy.

It’s been a while since Lokes and I have both attended a party together. There was that party where I had to wear a white dress and everything. That was fun.

Oh. My. God!

I hope the self-loathing side wins.