In Malaysiakini‘s Vox Populi section, a response from a reader to this article (registration needed):

Dr Mahathir has argued that Chinese Malaysians could move elsewhere given the lackluster economy in Malaysia. He is right, many Malaysian ethnic minorities are moving – some to China, some to Australia, some to Canada or some to New Zealand. The reason however is fundamentally rooted in the bigotry and racism which has been wildly fanned by none other than ruling party Umno and its youth wing.

When a large sum of money from the government coffers are blatantly dispensed only to bumiputera contractors and when Umno leaders boldly declare that the “pendatang” or “immigrants” can go back to their home countries (as if there is any) then it is time to look for a safe haven for the future generations.

There are systematic courses organised by Biro Tatanegara that teach bigotry and racism. This is further fuelled by the leaders from Umno Youth who make racist remarks and wave the keris for their own selfish political gains. You see, Dr Mahathir, it is not that we don’t love Malaysia, but that Malaysia loves us not.

In The Economist, a summary of what is getting from bad to worse.


Sometimes, I feel that I have no right to complain.

I’ve left. Jumped ship, so to speak.

I should be home, joining like-minded Malaysians to fight for our rights.

And yet, I cannot help but think, much as the Malaysiakini reader did.

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for my family?

What if these rights never existed?

What if they never will?

A friend tells me that it doesn’t seem as bad when one is home. People are still going on with their lives. Driving their new Mitsubishis. Going for rides on a brand new 60m tall observation wheel.

Another tells me angrily that if these people want what they think is theirs so badly, we should just give it back to them. See what they do with it.

What will happen to our beloved tanahair when we are gone?

What will happen to those who are not able to leave?

Who will be left to fight for them?