Woke up 7.30am.

Appeased crying toddler.

That time of the month.

Dropped husband off at work.

Bought bread for sandwiches.

Appeased crying toddler.

Made sandwiches.

Put crying toddler and whining preschooler in car.

Picked up friend and another toddler.

Appeased crying toddler.

Realised GPS thingie is not in car.

Called annoyed husband for directions.

Appeased crying toddler.

Finally reached playdate.

Ate lots of cake.

Not appeasing wailing toddler.

Ate more cake.

Put sobbing toddler and whining preschooler in car.

Packed up friend and her toddler.

Not at all trying to appease screaming toddler.

Reached home.

Surrendered completely to on-going toddler meltdown.


Wishing for a cigarette.

Some days, you just don’t get to win.