Driving home from gymnastics yesterday.

R: That was fun! I wish we could play longer.

Me: I’m glad you liked it. We’ll come back next week.

R: Yay!

Me: I saw you on the trampoline. That looked like fun!

R: Yea!

Me: You will need to try and keep your legs straight next time though.

R (annoyed) : I know, mommy!

R (perks up): I liked the rolling thing, and the high thing where I could pretend I was Ariel!

Me (hopelessly lost because I wasn’t paying attention): Er..uhuh?

R: Thanks for taking me to gymnastics, Mommy.

Me: You’re most welcome. Do you prefer soccer or gymnastics?

R (without hesitation) : Gymnastics!

Me: Well, you have one last soccer class next week.

R (matter-of-factly) : You can cancel soccer, Mommy.

Me: Why don’t we go for the last one?

R (annoyed again) : No! I don’t wanna!

Me: But-…

R (getting angry) : NO!

Me: Okay, okay…but you will need to learn swimming when summer’s here.

(more annoyed) : No I don’t wanna!

Me: Well you need to learn to swim so you can be safe in the water, sweetie.

R (getting angrier) : No I don’t wanna, Mommy!

Me: Why?

R: The water is scary!

Me: If you know how to swim, it won’t be scary anymore.

R (threatens to cry) : No Mommy!

Me: Well…you need to learn anyway so you can swim with mommy.

R (suddenly intrigued) : Huh?

Me: Yea! So you can swim with mommy (throws in more incentive). Like Ariel!

R: Mmm…(obligingly) okay…

Me (deftly changes the subject): Well I’m glad you liked gymnastics.

R: Yea! I really did!