Just when I thought I could be rid of the shackles of yet another addictive Flash game, comes another Flashy (pun intended) title that’s put two of today’s most popular genres together: food and puzzles.


Meet Burger Rush, a clever little puzzle game that combines the ever popular Bejewelled matching game with the addictiveness of running a restaurant (who knew?!). This time, instead of literally building burders, you match three or more beef patties, ketchup bottles, lettuce leaves and such to create burgers to meet the demands of a line of colourful customers, comprising construction workers, the ubiquituous power suited corporate climbing gal, cheerleaders and even mimes.


Pick up tokens that buy you upgrades to soda machines with a variety of flavours, treats to keep waiting customers happy, French Fries and even new recipes for more burgers to reach money goals.

The graphics are very nicely drawn and I especially like the sound quality on this baby. Burgers sizzle when matched up, microwave ovens fizzle and cheerleaders give an annoyingly cheerful whoop when they’re served. Nicely done, Gamenauts!

This high quality title is downloadable from Gamenauts itself (looks like for free) and is only 18MB. Definitely a must-try.