Stand'o Food

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but this is too pretty to resist.

Stand O’Food (developed by Shape Games and published by Alawar) is yet another tasty Flash title that has taken a bite into the popular restaurant pie, which today has a scrumptious buffet of titles such as Diner Dash which saw its third version out last year, Diner Dash: Flo on the go, and Snowy’s Lunch Rush, Delicious Deluxe and so on.

In Stand O’Food, you play a fast food server and you make burgers by stacking them in the correct order. Bottom bun, meat, pickles, top bun. Egg, bacon, cheese. You get the idea.

The trick here is that the order of the condiments on the conveyor belts cannot be changed. As such, you will need to grab the right condiment first and anything after goes on top. Stack them wrong and your customers will not take them. Take too long and you will start losing customers, which in turn loses you money. Money you need to upgrade your fast food joint with nifty little things like a jukebox to calm your customers down, plates on which you can place wrongly picked up condiments, a coffee maker that helps give a little speed boost and so on.

The graphics are, as mentioned several times, sweet. Very popular with my kids since and this is a kid-friendly game that will do nicely to sharpen your prioritising skills. And it’s simple to play too: Simply point and click.

They could’ve come up with a better name though, than Stand O’Food. I mean, wtf?

An appetising little addition, Stand O’Food is downloadable in full for US$20 give or take, under 11MB in size.