There is a blog I read used to read that I’m not going to post the link to here because I don’t want to give it more traffic.

Suffice it to say that I do not like the blogger. I think she (who is very likely a ‘he’ or a group of comedy writers, the latter being more plausible – for the sake of this entry I’ll refer to this person in feminine because, well, let’s call a bitch a bitch) because she’s one of those people who believe being mean = being truthful.

That sarcasm = intelligence.

That she’s doing everyone a favour by ‘telling it like it is’.

In my world, she’s like that unmarried spinster aunt who keeps telling you how to lose weight while she visits the gym to hit on the gay trainer and secretly binges on Hainan chicken rice at two in the morning.

I hate to say it but she’s the House of blogs. Sad to say, I love House, but man, this blogger is annoying. Her posts about her not having to work because she’s financially smarter than everyone else, about her smoking body and how she hates kids, about how all moms and children don’t deserve to live because of their stupidity in allowing themselves to get fat or depressed or impregnated, her rants on how men do have the right to be judgmental and shallow and inconsiderate blah blah blah.

And you know what? Like every bad girl out there, she just keeps raking in the comments and the Diggs and the attention. The bitchier and meaner she is, the more eyeballs she’s getting. Of course she knows this.

Which brings me to my point: What does it say about people who admire someone who Photoshops someone’s child (Dooce‘s, to be exact) and making her eat excrement?

The fact is, House is not real. I’m sure there are quite a few wisecracking doctors in the world but at least they save lives.

Assuming this woman is real, I can’t help but wonder what kind of life she must’ve had led to arrive to this shell of a person who basks in the joy of tearing other people asunder, and what’s worse is that it’s not even to make herself feel better. It’s plainly to hurt.

And guess what?

She’s doing it anonymously. Isn’t that just excellent?

To think there are impressionable young people out there applauding and even taking to heart this kind of ‘cruel kindness’ and ‘smartness’ just makes me want to line them all up in a row and slap them with a slap machine.



Now I believe in the value of a good scolding from time to time. Some people NEED to be shouted to get the message, like drug addicts or you know, bloggers. Never underestimate the worth of a profane insult in the face every few weeks.

But to have to watch this blogger perform, pay her for it AND go and cry about it? Is that necessary? Her hostility benefits no one but herself and sure, freedom of speech and everything, but you can also voluntarily pay to eat turd if you want to. Do you?

Stop reading her, period.

Unless you really need the masochistic therapy.

If so, I’d recommend turd anytime.