The husband of a friend of mine from a Malaysian SAHP group I frequent, passed away two days ago from a tragic road accident.

He leaves behind Lavendar, a stay-at-home mom, and three kids, age three to eleven.

I don’t know the Tees very well, as I’ve met Lavendar and her kids only once. But from what I hear, she is a dedicated mother who’d just quit her job a year ago to be with her kids.

This makes the irony from my last post sting.

It hurts. Very much.

Please join me in praying for Lavendar and her family. I’ve set up a Paypal donate account to help the Tees out. You may not know her but compassion needs no faces.

Please put “Donation for the Tees” in the “Payment For” field. Even the smallest amount will help. I will wire all donations at my own cost to Lia, the SAHP founder, in Malaysia.

Your kindness is very much appreciated.