Since my last post was rather heavy, I’m going to make it light today:

Should I go back to WoW or not?

I dunno. Today, my pointer hovered over the UPGRADE (to Burning Crusade) button in my Manage Account page for around five seconds. And then I clicked.

I even walked down two flights of stairs to get my wallet which was in my coat in my car.

That itself says a lot.

But when the time came to submit my credit card details for the direct download, I hesitated.

And then I launched Monopoly Here & Now and played that instead.

I just don’t know. I mean, I have enough to do already. Plus with these games, you really have to invest the time and effort to get any real enjoyment out of it. I mean, what’s the use of leveling to 70 and not having the time to attend any of the raids because one has to, like, sleep.

And my thousand and one unfinished projects. About 17 books to read. There’s an empty canvas in the corner mocking me. Scrapbooking. Explosion boxing. And two projects for Rae’s preschool teacher.

And then there’s YOU guys. WoW = no time to blog. And even if there were updates, the tone of this whole blog would take on very geeky proportions.

And yet, I went all the way down two flights of stairs to retrieve my wallet.

Come home Lokes. We need to talk.