(photo by Selinz)

…I would open a Mommy Spa.

This Mommy Spa, I will brand Rehat, which is Malay for ‘rest’, and a play on the English word ‘rehab’, as the hubby so astutely pointed out.

In this Mommy Spa, I will engage all kinds of masseurs that specialise in after-baby and child-weary comfort therapies.

I will hire people from Malaysia and Indonesia to introduce traditional jamu to new American mommies to help them get back into shape (without exercise!), recuperate better and for us old Mommies to relax after a hard week’s work. These services will also be complemented by other well-known remedies from other Southeast Asian cultures that help sooth and revitalise the weary Mommy soul.

Rehat will also feature comfort saloons where mommies can check in for a few hours a day or even stay overnight in a calm and quiet environment free from madness, noise and clutter. These saloons are little heated bamboo rooms with large picture windows that open up to a breathtaking view, where you can breathe in the splendour of nature, while soaking in a steaming traditional mandi bunga (literally “floral bath”).

If water therapy is not your thing, you can simply choose to relax on a day bed or take a nap just for the heck of it. Read and take lunch in absolute peace and quiet. Or do nothing, for once. 

For Mommies looking to learn how to quiet their minds and bodies, Rehat will feature daily meditation exercises guided by yoga gurus that specialise in routines that calm the mind and relax the body. Drop in for an hour or two just to sit and center – on you.

Rehat will be situated in one of the Northwest’s most tranquil locations, somewhere on the greenbelt, with ample open space and away from anything remotely resembling a diaper or a toddler. You can either come alone or with a friend, although there will be a strict policy of maintaining peace and quiet throughout the spa.

Now wouldn’t that just hit the spot?

What I wouldn’t give for a comfort saloon right now.