One of Rae’s preschool projects this year is an “All About Me” poster as a way of ‘celebrating’ our child. For this, I had to dig out Rae’s baby photos and such to create a storyboard for her to ‘present’ to the school some time next month.

While digging through boxes of crap for the CDs containing Rae’s photos, I came across two very innocent looking white shoeboxes simply marked ‘photos’.

Opening them, I found a treasure trove of old photos, the traditional 35mm variety. Some were encased in cheap plastic albums, the kind photo studios used to throw at you for free. And deep underneath, were two stacks around three inches high each, strapped callously with rubber bands in no meaningful order.

And they were all pictures of me.

Me in my Koo Ma’s old saloon, the one I’ve blogged about more than once.

Me with no hair.

Me 50 kilos lighter.

Me with exploding hair.

Me 100 kilos lighter.

Album after album, stack after stack, I could not believe that in those boxes were literally snapshots of my 33 years of life.

33 years that had simply flown by. I am now approaching middle age and am not even aware of it. Yes, I know I’m not 16 anymore. And I know I can’t even fit in a size 16 anymore. But damn. Have I been here almost 34 years?

Looking at these photos, I cannot help but feel as though I’ve been remiss. That I’ve neglected to take stock of what I’ve learnt, and what I know, and who I am, so much so that the very realisation that so much of my life is already behind, me just floors me.

At the same time, these snapshots of my life have also made me realise that I have led as full a life as anyone my age could’ve. That for someone who’s 33, I’ve gone places and done things that I am satisfied have contributed to who I am today in a very positive and meaningful manner.

In that spirit, allow me to share with you some of these photos. I have digitally ‘recorded’ them for safekeeping purposes (data is neater) and while I am running the risk of someone using these to blackmail me if I decide to dabble in politics some time during the next 20 years, to resist sharing these wonderful memories is truly impossible.

Enjoy, but take care to not hurt your jaw.

Jenn's third birthday

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