I love BBC. It has so many programs I don’t have enough hours in the day to listen to all of them withou accidentally setting the house on fire or feeding the girls burnt plastic tuna (you know what I’m talking about!).

Check this out.

Apparently, thousands of third-generation British Asian men of Indian/Pakistani/Punjabi descent are choosing to marry girls from ‘back home’ because they have not been ‘corrupted’ by Western civilisation and thought (read: education), and are more ‘respectable’.

The tragedy here is not only are thousands of such women victims of domestic abuse every year, but the fact that they do not speak English and are new brides, they are not given reprieve by the British government because they are not citizens. And as such, many become stranded without aid, unable to return home not only because they don’t have the means to, but also because of the shame and dishonour this brings to the woman’s family.

Not surprisingly, some even expect to be treated like wives from the stone age, hiding along with their abusive husbands behind words like ‘culture’ and ‘tradition’.

I remember writing an article during my stint with MSN Women many years ago about a news report on Malaysian men turning to places like Cambodia and Vietnam for ‘love and companionship’. Apparently, quite a few of our young men were being turned on by the prospect of more ‘traditional’ women, citing reasons that had to do with them being less materialistic and more ‘family-minded’. I myself know a few such men who preferred these ‘back to basics’ wives, as a friend of mine used to call them – before I ripped his head off.

Obviously, this is a hot-button issue with me and I suspect quite a few women who read this blog (or women who can read, period) feel the same way. That such things are allowed to take place this day and age is not only unbelievable, but to realise that it happens because some people in their refusal to change are allowed to hang on to their archaic beliefs at the expense of others just PISSES ME OFF.

Now I do not pretend to understand how it must be like to live in a world where survival and family honour are the dominant drivers of one’s existence. When your worth is determined by your ability to find and keep a husband, and that is all you know, you will fight to keep your livelihood – even if it means living the rest of your life in pain and suffering.

It is easy for us to label these girls from Cambodia and China as gold diggers. It is an unspoken fact that many Malaysian men end up ‘keeping’ second wives in Beijing or Shen Zhen because they, being the stupid asses they are, have been unable to resist these exotic, long-limbed, subservient beauties of the East.

Your husband is traveling to China? Aiyo, you better warn him to be becareful! The country is flooded with vixens who will do EVERYTHING in their power to trap a man. They will drug him and then have sex with him and then get pregnant so they can come to Malaysia and claim child support!

A cautionary tale that I was personally told when Lokes went to China for a week last year.

Having listened to the BBC program, I cannot help but wonder that even if these women knew what they may be in for if they marry an Indian man with a British passport, would they stop? Marry a possibly abusive British citizen or marry a possibly abusive Indian? Or not marry at all? What kind of choices are these?

To call these men pigs is of course a given. Really, I challenge anyone who has married someone from ‘back home’ to give me one good reason why they did it. We’re not even talking about particularly ugly people. These guys just basically cannot deal with women who have minds of their own and are not afraid to speak up. Or worse, they are being told by their mothers to “come, listen to your mother and marry a nice Mumbai girl who can cook decent Indian curry and bear you lots of sons, son”.  Many of the cases involve abuse by the mothers-in-law. Anyone who’s seen a Bollywood movie knows this. What is tragic is that this does not just happen in the movies.

I mean, did you hear the guy, saying that women in the UK are corrupted? What the hell are you doing in England then if it is so…corrupting?

Here’s what I think. If you want a wife from the middle ages, stay in the middle ages.

And take your mother with you.

Facking morons.