A big thank you to Sharon Bakar, who turned me on to Guardian’s latest short story writing contest, called Nanotales. I just sent them one this morning, which is four words over the limit. Hope they won’t penalise me on that.

Wish me luck.

Ps. I don’t know how accurate my instinct is about this (or Xeus‘ for the matter, the lady behind Dark City, to whom I will eternally owe the realisation of my dreams to be a published author), but I may have tapped into a hidden vein of twisted little tales. Never knew I had it in me until Dark City. And now Nanotales.

As such, I have given myself a new one-liner bio, which I will attach to any and all of my dark and twisted short stories

“A Malaysian stay-at-home mom living in Washington, US. Nothing I write is scarier than motherhood.”

Motherhood. Scary and twisted.

Ah, now I see the connection.