So Skyler’s feeling all better.

The ‘mystery fever‘, to borrow a name from Karli whose child also had a touch of it yesterday, turned out to be an ear infection, a fact splendourously revealed late last afternoon when she began to cry ‘ear pain pain’. This is the second ear infection this house has seen since we came here. This must be an American thing because seriously, I have never even heard of them until I came here. Talk about integration!

You can read all about ear infections and recommended treatment here (which I like because it says to hell with antibiotics!).

Anyway, her fever finally broke late afternoon yesterday for good, right after she told me her left ear ached, for some reason, and she went down for a second nap, after which her body must have used everything it had to fight the infection, because when she woke up, her temperature had just cooled to normal and she was back to her old self again, a fact confirmed this morning when she proceeded to pour freezing cold water all over the bathroom and climbed up her sister’s loft bed where she knows Mommy and Daddy Can’t Get To Because They’re Too Fat.

Gr-eat. Isn’t it odd how ambivalent we feel when our kids get better?

So yay. Life is back to some semblance of normalcy. I’m seeing my new gastroenterologist tomorrow for a second opinion on my HBV. Wish me luck.